Dante goes to America

Our modern Dante, and his troubled story with the young Bea, has crossed the ocean and aroused the interest of the Americans.

Thus, February 28th 2020 debuted in Mansfield, city in Ohio between Cleveland and Columbus, in the Founders Auditorium of Ohio State University, the American version of “Ritorno alla Divina Commedia”. Or:

Back To The Divine Commedy

Staging a performance that has been created in Italy, by Italian authors, is not so common if we consider the huge availability of American theater shows. But it is for its originality, or for being exotic (Italy is located est of the USA… so for them we are exotic!), that the production company chose it, enjoying the opportunity to celebrate with its audience the 700 years (2021) from the death of Dante.

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“Back to the Divine Comedy” at Ohio State University-Mansfield